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For many UK brands, sponsorship has taken a front seat going into 2016.

The value of experiential marketing through event or sports sponsorship has become clear to many decision makers and they are preparing to go all in on these opportunities in coming months (that is, if they haven’t already started investing).

Here are five of DailyVista’s top sponsorship predictions for national brands looking to invest the most in strategic partnerships next year.

5. Aperol

Aperol, the Italian aperitif, is on the hunt for an experiential agency and is currently in talks with several potential partners. Expect campaigns to follow involving experiential, events and sponsorships.

Aperol has become more popular in the UK recently and became Manchester United FC’s global spirits partner last year.

4. Castrol

This month, Global Marketing Director for Castrol B2B at BP Adrienne Liebenberg was promoted to global director for brand and customer experience. In this role, she will hold responsibility for transforming customer experience on a global scale, creating a unified experience across all channels.

She will also work to build awareness and create brand value through sponsorship, PR and thought leadership platforms while managing agency relationships.

According to Ms. Liebenberg, she is “passionate about a marketing culture of listening, creating and scaling to drive bottom line value for the pioneering Castrol brand.”

3. Under Armour

Under Armour plans to invest more in marketing, particularly sports marketing, as the company focuses on longer term growth opportunities in the areas of Connected Fitness, international and footwear.

This year’s emphasis on sports, eCommerce and on the UK and Germany markets has been focused on boosting engagement with female audiences.

The brand is mainly concerned with winning over athletes, as we saw in the global football ad campaign that launched in September. They’ve also boosted their digital marketing efforts, but still fall behind competitors’ efforts.

2. Samsung

Ahead of potential UK launches of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Pay, the company launched its Rugby World Cup campaign earlier this month, showcasing its desire to connect to its UK audience on a deeper level.

In September, they also launched their first multi-platform rugby campaign, the Samsung School of Rugby. BBH Sport created the campaign, which will be promoted through print, in-store, digital and social as well as an eight-week TV push, with six different spots. UK CMO Russell Taylor explained that the campaign was developed in order to promote a brand that’s “meaningful and plays a part in their lives.”

“Sponsorship creates a real bond with people who are passionate about something,” Mr. Taylor added. “Sport is the UK’s single biggest passion point. If we can use it well we will see brand metrics move in the right direction.”


The National Football League (NFL) is expanding its presence in the UK and focusing heavily on sponsorship. Last February, Ms. Lindsey Eckhouse moved from New York to London to become the director of sponsorships in the UK.

Now, the NFL has added Mr. James Massing to the mix to also support the sponsorship team for the international division. The UK division is quite optimistic about its growth, and recently representatives said they believe they will have their own team within the next five years – if the organization can build a fan base of six million people.

Just last week in London, the NFL committed to a five-year deal for at least two games per year at Wembley, and they said they will use Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium when it opens in the summer of 2018.

“The NFL is as much of an entertainment product as it is a sport, and the league is more than happy to leverage its strength in bringing the worlds of sport and entertainment together to create a unique fan experience,” Misha Sher, head of sport in EMEA for MediaCom, said.

Video Credit: Guardian Sports