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Advertising Opportunities in digital, mobile, ad tech

The advertising landscape is becoming increasingly crowded and competitive due to the rapid growth of markets like programmatic advertising and marketing automation. And at this point, more and more advertisers are realizing that they need help with their omni-channel strategies.

Right now, brands are predominantly focused on cross-channel promotion and engaging target audiences in real-time. And while that’s all well and good, how do you know which opportunities are the most profitable across digital, traditional and experiential brand campaigns?

DailyVista strives to look out for your best interest, which is why the team has gone ahead and put together this handy list of the top five opportunities in mobile, digital and ad tech.

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Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme’s new marketing strategy is in response to stagnant business growth and declining sales in the UK.

According to President and CEO Tony Thompson, the brand has restructured its strategy to focus on four key business objectives:

– Accelerating global growth
– New technology
– Menu Enhancements
– Maximizing brand awareness

Additional areas of focus include fundraising, licensing and mobile platform enhancements.

Krispy Kreme Appointed DeVries SLAM to handle a year-long PR programme meant to increase awareness in the UK market. MC2 was the incumbent, but the agency will continue to work with Krispy Kreme by handling new store openings instead.

Sainsbury’s Supermarkets

CEO Mike Coupe recently unveiled his plan to “reinvent the superstore” in order to boost sales and outpace the competition.

In order to compete with online competitors, Sainsbury’s is determined to improve in-store experiences for consumers. To achieve this, the brand plans to launch six new, radically redesigned stores.

Coupe also made the decision to change up marketing positions within the company.

Overall, Sainsbury’s has not publicly announced any other marketing changes, though they’ve said that very few marketing positions have remained the same.


Fossil struggled with year-over-year sales numbers in the UK during Q2, largely due to a very successful quarter last year. However, the second half of the year will get the bulk of Fossil’s planned marketing investment.

According to Fossil CFO Dennis Secor, the second half of the year will be focused on attracting new customers into stores and leveraging more digital marketing with fresh creative to reach target demographics.

The watch company is also launching a new global campaign in Q3 that integrates digital, social and print initiatives. The goal is to highlight the brand’s heritage.


Fossil’s programmatic buying strategy could also undergo improvements. According to Moat, the brand is struggling to place ads in front of target audiences.


Co-Operative Group (CWS)

Mike Bracken has joined as chief digital officer at a time when digital is everything and convenience is necessity.


Currently the UK’s largest retailer to launch Apple Pay, CWS has invested more advertising dollars in online and in-store advertising.

These recent investments are an appeal to all shoppers, but particularly millennial tech-savvy shoppers who prefer on-the-go convenience and mobile connectivity.

eBay inc

Following its split with PayPal, eBay has appointed a new chief marketer to revamp the marketing strategy.

Gareth Jones comes in as senior marketing director to take the lead on new ad campaigns in the UK.

He comes in eight months after eBay appointed a CMO for the EMEA region, Alex Payne.

With the holiday season around the corner, eBay has to distinguish itself from the competition; especially Amazon, which has almost doubled eBay’s digital and video advertising activity in the UK this year.

eBay is also way behind on digital video advertising, which has a lot to do with Amazon publishing on movie and lifestyle publishers, better positioning itself as a lifestyle brand.