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Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to efficiently identify new business opportunities and begin prospecting efforts at least 3-6 months before the moment of truth? Well, with DailyVista you can.

As a DailyVista subscriber, you get access to under the radar prospecting opportunities and other actionable insight that many subscribers have found to be game-changing for new business acquisition.

So, whether you are a current subscriber or just interested in learning more about what it can do for you, here are five tips and tricks for getting the most out of DailyVista.

1. Differentiate Each Pitch Using Differentiated Information

Allow DailyVista to help you become the authority on a prospects challenges and objectives. You’ve done the research. Differentiate yourself by speaking to specific pain points and proposing creative solutions so you won’t be swept aside as just another one of the countless sales reps trying to sell something. The likelihood of setting up a follow-up conversation from your initial intro will increase significantly.

2. Supplement Reactive Prospecting with Proactive Relationship Building

Sad to say, but today’s new business opportunity has already been won. Also, where prospects spend today is not always indicative of where they will spend in the future. Unless the business has undergone rapid growth suddenly, your chance of securing dollars in the moment is low. Just like your business, prospects plan months and years ahead, so your pitch should look forward too.

3. Leverage Long-term Sales Forecasts to Maximize Prospecting Effectiveness

Advertisers and marketers are always pressured to produce immediate results, but mixing in short-term and long-term prospecting efforts will boost your success rate. Search “score” to access every brand DailyVista has ever placed on the Vulnerable Account Index. Many readers focus almost exclusively on 70+ scores (Accounts in Jeopardy and Reviews Imminent), meaning there’s less competition if you focus on scores 60 and lower, where new business opportunities are likely 12-18 months away.

4. Prospect Companies with Departing CMOs

New CMO hires are the focus for many new business hunters, but CMOs’ former employers should also top your prospecting list. Many people don’t realize that CMO appointments and departures trigger prospecting opportunities in two different ways.screenshot-news thelistonline co uk 2015-08-12 06-57-45

– CMO’s new company – new decision maker = a new person charged with evaluating strategy and making vendor decisions.

– CMO’s former employer – The marketing decision maker is gone, meaning a new CMO will be hired or promoted. In this case, get on marketing lieutenants’ radar to be top-of-mind when the new CMO is hired or, even better, if one of the lieutenants is promoted.

5. Know When Brands Undergo Agency Reviews Before Competitors

You know when brands are looking to shake up their marketing strategy because they will go through and review agency relationships. In this case, you want to reach out to key decision makers as soon as possible in order to position your agency as the stand out candidate when opportunity comes knocking.

Of course, in our (only slightly biased) opinion there is an endless list of ways that DailyVista supports your sales time and enables you to win more new business.

Sign up for a free trial today and get full access to everything DailyVista has to offer.